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Why The Launch Of trekk.IO

My brother Boris and I were lucky to be born into a family where travelling was the highlight of the year. And this is not so much about the classic package holiday including the infamous towel war between British and Germans at various pools in Italy and Spain. No, it’s more about travelling to Hungary, Poland and the Baltic States by caravan or motorhome. Six-week trips with our parents, which lasted from day 1 until the last day of the summer holidays.

In the meantime we have both grown up, but our lives still revolve around travelling. Even if less to Eastern Europe, but more to Asia or North America or for a long weekend to Israel, Portugal and Georgia.

Boris in particular has made travelling more or less his profession. He is the classic digital nomad. Currently he is preparing for his most exciting adventure: A journey from Munich, Germany to Kathmandu, Nepal over 16,000 km and 22 countries in 2 years – on foot. In the course of the preparations he tried out, bought and tested a lot of equipment on the Cape Wrath Trail in Scotland.

On trekk.IO we are happy to share with you our popular equipment for hiking, trekking and backpacking, but also for commuting to work. If you have discovered something great, we would love to hear from you too. Please help spread the word!

trekk.IO Launch

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